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Legal Services


Notarization services

We provide quick and responsive notarization services in saudi Arabia, following The Minstry of Justice initiative to keep up with the pace of recent advancements in the field of privatization of its services. The notarization project launched under the name of (Al Mwathiq) was to facilitate procedures for companies and individuals related to the notarization and attestation. Being proactive, Dr. Al Muhanna obtained the license of M.O.J for notarization services which include the attestation of property sale contracts, declarations, movable property, power of attorney and rescinding, lease contracts for properties and movable assets, article of association, contracts related with real estate buying and selling transactions, patency and copyrights registrations, and contracts related to other business matters.

Inheritance, Wills, and Endowments

Providing legal and lawful consultations regarding wills, distributions and enlisting of inherits and sales, and documentation thereunder. Our services also include drafting of endowments, funds, and its documentation at the competent court. -Establishing endowments and extracting endowment funds. -Drafting of the basic endowment document. -Enumeration the authority matrix over the endowment at the administration of Management of the endowment. -Incorporation of endowment establishments or companies.

Trademark registrations and licensing

-Register trademarks, initiating all registration procedures, trademark objections, and representing the trademark owner before the commercial courts for Criminal & Civil Prosecution. -Obtain industrial and investment licenses, etc., as we help the client complete their procedures and the fulfill the requirements of the competent authorities.

Stock and Capital Markets

Providing legal consultations for securities and shares proceedings before the Committees for Resolution of Securities Disputes, from filing a complaint with the Capital Market Authority to resolving the dispute and issuing a decision; such disputes require to file the lawsuit with the Committee that it be accompanied by evidence that the complaint was first filed with the Market Authority in the administrative lawsuit, and the civil actions arising between investors against the licensees or from the licensees against the investors, or from the investors against the listed company. We manage and arrange all of the procedures according to the provisions of the regulations on Resolution of Securities Disputes until the committee’s decision is issued.

Financial and banking legal services

Providing legal consultations related to financial and banking business and settlements to banking disputes to protect and preserve the rights of customers before the Banking Disputes Committee. Management, negotiating, and drafting all contractual documents and structuring financing transactions.

Real Estate & Property services

We provide legal consultations for the real estate industry, including investments in terms of managing and amending contracts for real estate of all kinds, real estate financing, acquisitions, contracts for real estate projects, representing clients in real estate in legal issues, and more. - Drafting contracts for property investment and real estate development and managing disputes thereunder. - Drafting and preparing real estate rental and investment contracts and managing disputes thereunder. - Extracting deeds of ownerships and following up on their legal procedures. - Handling disputes over real estate ownership, overlapping instruments, encroachment, and expropriation. - Managing real estate registration and the executing mortgage contracts. - Property Management

Corporate services

- Corporate establishment and consultation services for all types of companies. - Drafting and amending companies' articles of associations and amending any decrease or increase in capital which may arise. - Preparing, drafting, and reviewing corporate articles, corporate governance, regulations, and internal audit regulations, and attending board meetings. Provide legal advice regarding governance and the requirements of the Capital Market Authority for companies. - Registration of names and trademarks.

Franchise and relative services

Drafting franchise contracts and agreements in accordance with the franchise system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and regulations thereunder to avoid both parties any arising problems.

Businessmen Services

- Local, regional, and international representation. -Providing commercial, financial, and real estate legal consultations. -Legal representation in board meetings and general assemblies. -Legal representation at all stages of litigation, arbitration, or amicable settlements.

Venture & Investment Rounds

As startup businesses become increasingly common, they tend to advance through the funding rounds, and in keeping the proper funding with experience and solvency increases the chances for development and growth. Dr. Muhammad Al-Muhanna & Partners - Lawyers and Consultants conducts investment rounds with the company, passing through finding the right investor for the company and ending with the stage of closing the round after drafting the basic contracts in partnerships, Articles of Association, selling shares, and so on.

Foreign Investment

The economic growth and increasing amount of business activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires us to maintain business growth within the region. This can be maintained through handling and managing investment activities in a professional way, which can be made through: -Establishment and registration of foreign or mixed companies. -Follow-up on the issuance of licenses and commercial records for foreign investors and representing the investors in all that is necessary before the official and unofficial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. - Drafting investment and partnership contracts for entire projects whether foreign or mixed.

Legal and Lawful consultations

- Providing legal and lawful studies for all inquiries, topics, and procedures requested by clients in all fields. - Provide legal and lawful consultations to clients in all cases and procedures to ensure the integrity of decisions and taking and steps for their implementation. - Providing legal and lawful consultations on various issues to resolve the conflict or to avoid its occurrence in the light of scientific and practical knowledge through similar legal facts and legal systems. - Address all legal and lawful issues encountered by clients nad formalize business transactions to ensure the stability and continuity of their activities. - We conduct legal audits and review internal governance rules and policies to ensure compliance with the provisions of Saudi corporate law and the regulations thereunder.

Contracts and agreements

Drafting all types of contracts and agreements, including but not limited to commercial partnership agreements, operation and maintenance contracts, SLA and consultancy contracts, investment contracts, reviewing client contracts and agreements entered with other companies or individuals before concluding them. Additionally, we handle preparing, concluding, reviewing, and proofreading memoranda of understanding and discharging of documents, and conducting legal settlements.

Disputes Settlements and arbitration

Arbitration is one of the fastest and easiest ways to resolve a dispute with a strict assurance to the confidentiality of negotiations between disputing parties. - Representing our clients in conciliation councils and dispute settlements before arbitration boards. - Calling for conciliation councils and ensuring amicable settlements. -Drafting of arbitration documents and memoranda of understanding between the disputants and securing the parties' approvals.

Litigation and Advocacy

-Legal and judicial representation and advocacy for our clients, partake in legal proceedings, pleading for our clients in the fields of general and private law before the judicial authorities of commercial, public, criminal, labor, personal status circuits and courts, and bodies of all different types and degrees of courts. -Professional drafting pleas and cross-petition statements. -Provide pre-filing case analysis for clients for clarifying the strengths, weaknesses, and the percentage of chances of winning a lawsuit.

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